Treadstone Launch Promo

USA Network




Developing a new series launch campaign with over 1.5 million views is no easy task. As huge fans of the Jason Bourne film franchise, our team was honored to create the “Redacted” promo for the highly anticipated Treadstone series on USA Network.

From the initial creative call, our intention was to craft a promo that would engage the super-fan and captivate the new viewer. Developed as an action-packed thriller, Treadstone explores the origins of the infamous covert CIA black ops program while creating a connection to present-day special ops in D.C., Berlin, Paris and beyond.

The design and motion theory reflect these themes, weaving show footage and typography together in a fast-paced and heavily redacted story.


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Art Director

Miles Petrock

Design & Animation

Miles Petrock, Jason Oberg, Hollee Winans

Custom Music & Sound

Coupe Studios
Producer - Aaron Lasko
Engineers - Alex Hawley, Greg McRae

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