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Our biggest sales day on Amazon - Ever!

The partnership with Sports Research began with a simple directive:"Help us cut through the sea of sameness in the sports supplement field."

And, as we dove into research for launching the repackaged Omega 3, we quickly discovered what they meant. Lots of lifestyle shoots, with sterile kitchen countertops, new-agey music, and empty-eyed models flexing while hocking performance supplements. But worse, with other brands, there were many promises unsupported by scientific research and weird additives used to disguise rancid ingredients.

From the beginning of development, the relationship with the Sports Research stakeholders was highly collaborative. They were in the midst of an identity refresh, so our launch would straddle the space between the older packaging elements and what was coming. Their top skew of OMEGA 3 was chosen because of its popularity and characteristics but ultimately the plan was to apply the same thinking to other skews. Spillt was ultimately responsible for the copy writing, Amazon store thumbnails, and product videos

Spillt Credits

Executive Producer

Kate Swift


Katie Mariani

Executive Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Senior Creative Director

Brian Eloe


Matt Chiabotti, Samantha Storey

Design & Animation

David Rickles, Adam Schmisek


Coupe Studios

Pitch - Purity, Boldness & No Bull-Fish?!

Early on in this collaboration, we were trusted to play with the messaging and tone, and we quickly honed in on this product's most significant selling points: Pure ingredients, high potency, backed by real research, and sustainably sourced. That pinpoint focus allowed us to imagine their "sales funnel" in a tiered approach. We pitched a 3 part plan that included shooting some curiosity-building live-action vignettes, then a mixed media "edutainment" series, followed by a heightened CG product video. At each step of the customer journey, the story would tout purity, potency, sustainability, scientific credibility, and bold confidence.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

The storytelling didn't just end with some new videos it also became the rallying cry on the Amazon storefront. The same level of swagger, bold visuals, and refreshed look were exported into the A+ template for the product page in the Amazon store. In all, some 24 different layouts and a fully templatized toolkit were created to allow Sports Research to refresh the copy as they wanted. The results? The customers were "frothing on the top" for Omega 3 en route to the biggest Amazon Prime day in the 40-year history of Sports Research.