Puppy Bowl

Discovery / Animal Plantet

Live-Action Production




What do you get when you cross the beloved institution of Puppy Bowl and the “On Tropic Time Now” brand promise of Tropical Smoothie Café? An adorable co-branded day at the beach for Cafecito and his adopted human Patty. Longtime client and collaborators at Discovery first came to us with the idea of “catching up with a former Puppy Bowl puppy now living his best life” and asked us to help visualize it through a Tropical Smoothie Café lens. A quick look into the TSC brand guide and it was obvious that we needed to flex our live-action skills and take our four-legged friend to the beach. 

Immediately, we reached out to our production partner Waypoint Films for help facilitating the production and in no time, we were standing on the broad walk of Hollywood beach, smoothies in hand, capturing our subjects frolicking in the sand. Upon wrapping the successful shoot, we set to work editing a story about the personality and chemistry of Cafecito (now named Mooshu) and Patty, music video style. Not surprisingly the hardest part was deciding which moment to include of the seemingly endless magic moments our pup and human provided. The campaign included: social media stills, videos, and boomerangs, an on-air :30, and a longer web vignette which saw over a million views on Facebook. 


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Brian Eloe


Herman Nieuwoudt

Design & Animation

Samantha Mireles, David Rickles

EP of Production

Jed Mortenson / Wapoint Films

Director of Photography

Kevin Emmons

Line Producer

Patty Simonetta

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