Odell IPA

Fortnight Collective



Live Action

No gimmicks
Just IPA.

The only thing we like more than craft beer is creating content that celebrates the intricacies of making them. With Odell Brewing in our backyard, we have been particular fans of this IPA forever.

Fortnight Collectives' idea was to focus on the pure, unaltered #1 selling IPA in Colorado -- framed with the concept of NO GIMMICKS, NO HYPE, NO HAZE, NO JUICE. JUST IPA.


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Executive Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Senior Producer

Katie Mariani

Director /Creative Director / Editor

Brian Eloe

Creative Director / Previz

Ryan Summers


Herman Nieuwoudt

Aniimation / Finishing

Joe Todoran

Production Partners

Production Company

Honest Films

Director of Photography

Jon Combs


Karen Madacsi

Project Manager

Isabelle Pippenger

Product Stylist

Gina Nistico


Jesse Jaco

Key Grip

Arte Shelton


Coupe Studios

The Process - CGI Previz & Live Action Capture

Being a regular partner with Fortnight Collective, the initial execution plan imagined that we'd lean into our strengths in CG/motion design. After several conversations and some good ol' fashioned research, we realized that to get the level of premium and authenticity in the liquid required, at minimum, some in-camera components. Combining 3D previz for approval, alongside a live-action production, allowed us to shoot just what was necessary and guide client expectations.

This let our creative philosophy shine as we believe in storytelling through the best means possible and having the capability to play in any medium. We wholeheartedly believe in challenging the assumptions about how it's done and toasting with a gimmick-free IPA when we're done.