We're The Milk Now

Oat Yeah





For lovers of all things rich and creamy, Oat Yeah delivers the ultimate taste experience to back up their slogan: “We’re the milk now!”. SPILLT worked closely with Danone for the social media launch of their latest brand. The brief was to create a quirky, bold campaign of thumb-stopping content to distinguish Oat Yeah from the current alternative milk brands.

Through an extensive discovery and pitch phase, we explored witty headlines and bold imagery, all under the brand’s instruction that “we are primary, not secondary!”. As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live productions for the foreseeable future, our team had the unique challenge of transforming our initial live action ideas into 2D and 3D animations. Ultimately, we implemented over twenty-five cheeky, yet friendly animations across multiple social platforms to spread the word: "We’re the milk now".


Executive Producer

Kate Swift


Julie Morrandez

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Strategy Development

Ryan Johnson, Matt Chiabotti, Aaron Ray

Design & Animation

Samantha Mireles, Hollee Winans, Jon Drobil,
Miles Petrock, Jason Oberg, Jose De La Cruz,
Billy Wood, Matt Johnson

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