Meltdown - Three Mile Island

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When Unit 2 at Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Facility malfunctioned on March 28, 1979, the collective result was a tangled web of distrust and disaster that forever influenced the development of atomic energy in the United States and abroad. 

The story hit a peak reaching Netflix’s Top 10, and showcases how a narrowly diverted disaster unfolds and continues to affect the inhabitants of the local community. Working in conjunction with Moxie Pictures, Spillt developed the branding and dozens of in-show content recreations to help tell the story of the United States' foremost nuclear accident. 



Kief Davidson

Post Producer

Adam Van Wagoner

Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Art Direction & Animation Development

Jason Oberg, Hollee Winans


Over the course of several months we developed a comprehensive show package for the 4-part miniseries, including: title treatments, document recreations, photo treatments, and map graphics.

Many of the supporting materials were too aged to present at a 4K resolution so we developed a process to restore, treat, and animate several headlines & documents in a 3D space to bring depth and realism to otherwise degraded materials.

Graphic toolkit
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