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A look at the past - and future - of computer docs.’s product is an all-in-one, collaborative cloud-based doc, and since something like that can be hard to explain without sounding like a Silicon Valley episode, they asked SPILLT to help create a video as slick and innovative as their platform to feature its capabilities.

If our biggest challenge was packing a ton of visual information into a very short duration, then the reward was getting to animate it with as many fun and playful touches as we could envision. We had a fantastic partner in the team at Coda, working to provide us with all the tools we would need to bring their product to life. From researching and recreating previous generations of software GUIs to giving spreadsheets more personality than they really deserve, our process encompassed a ton of learning and a great outlet for creativity. Everything we hope for from a project.


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Art Director

Jason Oberg

Design & Animation

Jason Oberg

Music & Sound

Coupe Studios
Producer - Celica St. Amant
Engineer - Edward Kaufman

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