Low Country

Campfire Studios + HBO Max


Main Titles

Content Creation


PROMAX - Gold - Main Title Design


HBO Max’s chilling three-part docuseries follows the century-long dynasty of the Murdaugh family’s reign over the legal system in South Carolina’s lowcountry. Unchecked power and privilege unravel under accusations surrounding fraud and deception – ultimately leaving a web of destruction and murder affecting an entire community. 

Alongside over one hundred custom in-program content sections, Spillt developed the main titles in conjunction with Campfire Studios. While most main titles are reserved for serving as a prologue to the feature, our team was fortunate enough to be tasked with crafting a mood piece. Creatively, this opened the doors to focus on an authentic southern locale, combined with the tone of decay, rotting, and generational wealth.

Spillt Credits

Executive Producer

Kate Swift


Katie Mariani

Executive Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Senior Creative Director

Ryan Summers

Editorial & Color

Adam Schmisek

Design & Animation

David Rickles, Hollee Winans, Jason Oberg, Adam Schmisek, Samantha Mireles, Harrison Vincent, Jordan Bergren

Campfire Studios Credits


Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan

Executive Producers

Ross M. Dinerstein, Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan

Co-Executive Producers

Brendan Daw, Rebecca Evans, Ross Girard


Brooke Brunson, Kaitlin Del Campo

Directors of Photography

Peter Hutchens, Jeff Hutchens


Gary Pollak, Erin Perri, Eileen Kennedy, Alex Durham ACE


Antonio Pinto, Eduardo Aram

Custom Content

In addition to the show's main titles, we developed a variety of photo & archival document treatments, maps, autopsy sketches, crime scene reports, family tree graphics, and toolkits for locations & character IDs. The main focus here, was to approach these story-telling bits in a decade appropriate design aesthetic, as the story spans over a century.

The Playground Process

Following our “beautiful mess” rallying cry, our team approached this unlike any other main title we’ve created so far. Involving every staff member, we brainstormed via Milanote and utilized a combination of slap comps and AI tools to develop rough shots for assembly. With picture lock from HBO/Campfire, we designed out necessary shots in Cinema 4D, adding atmosphere and polish in After Effects and Resolve. The result was a truly unsettling sequence, full of story easter eggs that prepare the viewer for the story twists that will unfold.