MNF Promos




Content Creation


The return of Monday Night Football in a year like 2020 necessitated something extra special to help all the fans celebrate at home. We were thrilled when ESPN approached us to partner on graphics and visual effects for their weekly MNF teases.

Nearly daily Zoom calls over four months enabled us to help elevate the story arc of each week’s match-up as we froze Chicago, quoted Teddy Roosevelt, reversed the process of nature, animated type to Samuel L. Jackson’s voice and turned Tom Brady into GOATzilla. Each week was fresh, challenging and unexpected, just the way we like it.


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Assistant Creative Director

Jason Oberg

Design, Animation & VFX

Jason Oberg, Hollee Winans, Miles Petrock,
Jon Drobil, Stephanie Nestorak, David Rickles

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