Seasonal Packaging

Cooking Channel

Creative Concept

Campaign Development



Food is an intrinsic part of the holidays, bringing friends and family together in celebration. Cooking Channel has it pretty buttoned up when it comes to presenting appealing, approachable plates. So our team really had to think of a unique take on showcasing the classic holiday favorites. Our concept focused on what happens in those final moments before the food hits the table, the “finishing touches.”



Julie Morrandez

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Art Director

Jason Oberg

Design & Animation

Jason Oberg, Harrison Vincent, Miles Petrock,
Mike Sharps, Samantha Mireles

Process Breakdown

Enticingly slow culinary vignettes are the cornerstone of this package redesign, combining photo-realistic 3D animation and footage plates, for a glimpse at the moment between moments. Each shot proved to have its own challenges, from simulating the lively spring of a parsley sprig to the clumsy tumble of a raspberry fumble. Ultimately, a detailed style guide and expansive toolkit was delivered to Cooking Channel for their on-air use.

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