Precision Fit System







As avid outdoor enthusiasts, our team was thrilled to partner with a brand which we know, love and already have at home! Initially engaged to update a series of existing “How it Works” videos, the imminent launch of a new Boa Technology website created the desire for something completely fresh. The Boa Fit Systems is featured across over a hundred brand partners and thousands of products, making it essential that our approach felt applicable to the platforms, while being product agnostic.Using CAD files from the development team at Boa, we integrated various components of the Boa Fit System into fabrics and materials that felt realistic but not product specific. Dynamic shots of the dials, laces and guides interacting simultaneously were created to ensure that the cause and effect relationship of the Boa Fit System was clearly depicted in an artful manner. 



Julie Morrandez

Creative Director

Ryan Bramwell, Ed Rhine

Art Director

Harrison Vinvent, Ryan Mast

Design & Animation

Brian Long, Jason Oberg, Miles Petrock, Harrison Vincent, Ryan Mast

Process Breakdown