Launch Package

AT&T Sportsnet





Regional integration

After AT&T Sportsnet wrapped their rebrand, SPILLT helped create on-air elements that would be cohesive with the new design. Unlike sports packaging of the past, this brand identity was intended to be authentic to both the teams and their fan base.


Executive Producer

Kate Swift

Creative Director

Ed Rhine

Art Director

Miles Petrock


Miles Petrock, Kevin Kerndt, Michael Moger, Jon Drobil


Miles Petrock, Kevin Kerndt, Jon Drobil, Michael Moger, Jason Linn

This was wonderfully executed by the AT&T team in production by shooting dozens of team locations for MLB, MLS, NHL, NBA and NCAA to provide compositing plates. Our team took the next steps: modeling logos, designing graphic animations, 3D tracking, camera calibrating, compositing and even creating full CGI shots to deliver over two hundred and fifty elements for broadcast.

Working in full 4K for twelve teams and spanning five sports, this project provided quite the creative and organizational challenge. SPILLT collaborated with AT&T for over ten months, seamlessly meeting delivery deadlines and creative expectations.

MLB Package

Pirates, Rockies, Mariners & Astros

33 Toolkit Elements

NBA Package

Rockets & Jazz

13 Toolkit Elements

NHL Package

Penguins & Golden Knights

12 Toolkit Elements

NCAA Package

Mountain West Conference, Big Sky Conference, West Virginia, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana & Montana State

80+ Toolkit Elements

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