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Motion System

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“We don’t need another cheesy explainer video.”

Arcadia needed to bring a complex story to life without watering down technical comprehension – we combined their pre-existing brand elements with just the right animation. And helped them find just the right track to bring it all together.

Spillt Credits

Executive Producer

Kate Swift


Katie Mariani

Senior Creative Director

Ryan Summers

Design & Animation

Samantha Mireles, Jason Oberg, mo-graph


Post Modern

Down To The Details

You get it, a picture tells a 1000 words, right? In SPILLT's process – a storyboard gets right to the point. Rather than asking the team at ARCADIA to "trust us, we got this", we dove into the nitty gritty and got all the details right – just like ARC helps Arcadia's customers. Take a look at how we apply the power of the pencil before we ever make a pixel.